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It Began as a Dream

Hello and welcome to the first of many blogs for Grōv Cycles! Let me introduce myself. My name is Ben and I am a bicycle lover, mechanic, and adventure enthusiast. I have worked in the bicycle industry in the USA for almost twenty years in many positions but the majority of that time was spent as a mechanic and service department manager. In 2021 My wife and I visited some friends here in Skopje and fell in love with this place. We started dreaming about moving here with our kids and starting a shop of our own. Earlier this year, 2023, part of that dream became a reality. Now that we are settled here, I've begun the process of establishing and starting Grōv Cycles.

We are so excited to continue this journey! For this first post I want to let you know what you can expect from Grōv Cycles as it operates in and around Skopje. Customer Service

Throughout my time in the bike industry I have pursued excellent customer service in my service departments. That means that you will always know what is recommended, and why, and what is needed, and why. I believe that a big part of my job as a bicycle mechanic is to help people understand the why. With complete information, we can all make the best decision for the situation in front of us. And, of course, this will always be done with respect. Bicycle Service We will be a full service repair shop. Any issues you might have with your bicycle from brake adjustments to suspension service we can help you out. It will be our pleasure.

What now? As I work toward launching Grōv Cycles I have lots to do! As I sign on brands that I will carry I'll let you know. I'll also have some fun projects coming up for the shop so I'll mention those as well. Service tips and stories are also on the docket as I move forward. And lots of riding, exploring, and maybe bikepacking? One thing I know for sure - This is going to be fun! And I'd love to have you along for the ride. So, if you haven't already, please sign up for my newsletter at and I'll keep you in the know. Thanks, Ben


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